At McMillans our people are what makes us successful and this is why we provide an environment that enables our team to perform at their very best. We have a reputation for having a great culture and a place where you can have a rewarding career.

Opportunities exist to progress through the firm. We support and encourage all our team to:

  • Develop professional skills

  • Develop interpersonal skills

  • Develop business acumen

  • Contribute to the growth of the firm

You can take advantage of flexible working arrangements and multiple entry pathways including work/study, internships and development programs.

Our future rests with the knowledge, imagination, skills, teamwork and integrity of our people. We value these qualities most highly and believe in nurturing such attributes in all our team.

Our values and service philosophies are to be:

  • Dedicated to providing quality in all aspects of our business

  • Committed to the highest standards of ethics and honesty

  • Locally owned and managed

  • Readily accessible and strive to play a close and proactive role in the development and implementation of our clients objectives

  • Carefully organised with our resources and systems to facilitate the timely delivery of services

  • Constantly looking to improve and evolve in order to benefit our clients now and for generations to come

  • Providing services and careers in a friendly and relaxed environment

Career Paths


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Financial Planning

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