Lodge your 2018 Tax Return now to avoid missing out on Family Tax Benefits!

Lodge your 2018 Tax Return now to avoid missing out on Family Tax Benefits.

 What are Family Tax Benefits?

Family Tax Benefits (or FTB) are federal government income supplements designed to support families. The benefit is made up of two parts: FTB Part A & FTB Part B, both of which have different eligibility criteria.

 Why should I work out if I’m eligible?

You may be entitled to a partial or complete benefit payment. Many recipients may be eligible for Family Tax Benefits despite not receiving any other benefits or subsidies, so it may be worthwhile working out if you are eligible.

Am I entitled to Family Tax Benefits?

Your entitlement to Family Tax Benefits may vary depending on whether you are applying for FTB Part A or FTB Part B.  In many cases, you may be eligible for one and not the other.

 You need to consider your current circumstances:

1.       Family Adjusted Taxable Income (ATI)

2.       Number of children

3.       Age of each child

4.       Marital status

Most importantly, you need to lodge your 2018 tax return before the end of June or risk losing your entitlement to your 2018 Family Tax Benefits.

If I’m eligible, when would I receive payment?

Payments can be taken on a fortnightly basis throughout the year, or you can be paid an annual lump sum following the lodgement of your tax return.

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Ruth Woolcock